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By performing a superior automatic technological process, we successfully protect metal products against corrosion for up to 70 years.

About us

By performing a superior automatic technological process, we successfully protect metal products against corrosion for up to 70 years.

We are proud that the hot galvanising facility was constructed by our parent company – Gradina from Zemun, which is considered one of the leading construction companies in Serbia.

The complete conceptual design of the facility with galvanising equipment, the installation of a unique technological process, the most modern software system and environmental protection system, as well as the accompanying warehouses and rooms, were carried out by the professional and qualified staff of Gradina Cink, who achieved high goals in the field of hot galvanising.

Gradina Zink, with the most modern automated line for high-temperature centrifugal hot galvanising and dip galvanising in the region with a maximum design capacity of 8000t, supports the metal processing industry in Serbia and the surrounding area.

By performing a superior automatic technological process, we successfully protect metal products against corrosion for up to 70 years.

We perform the hot galvanising process according to EN ISO 1461 and EN ISO 14713 (1-2) standards.

Our strengths

Naše prednosti

  • We can galvanise steel elements with a high-temperature centrifugal process of up to 1000 kg/h, which sets us apart as a leader in the Balkans.

  • As part of our company, we have our own state-of-the-art laboratory where we continuously monitor all technological operations of the production process, ensuring the highest level of continuous quality for our customers.

  • The company’s entire operations are carried out through the most modern software, the global leader in industrial solutions in over 65,000 global companies.

  • We are the only one in the region with a warehouse for non-galvanised and galvanised elements within our complex, where an automatic ventilation system controls humidity, and the result is keeping the surfaces of the elements dry and without additional oxide formation.

  • The entire technological process takes place in closed chambers with purification systems in line with the most demanding standards in the field of environmental protection.

Our plant is in an attractive location in Nova Pazova, near the E75 highway./strong>

  • The distance to Belgrade is 30 km
  • Novi Sad is only 60 km away
  • Nikola Tesla Airport is 20 km away

Our Services

Our Services

We offer our clients the services

  • of high-temperature centrifugal hot galvanising
    (ideal for power suspension equipment, screws, nuts, washers, anchors, chains, brackets, tiles, brackets, nails and the like)
  • hot-dip galvanising
    (suitable for fences, pipes, smaller steel structures, threaded bars, etc.)

Organisation and governance

Gradina Zink ensures its organisation and governance through various company activities to achieve goals and efficient operation. Organisation refers to the structure of the company, distribution of duties and responsibilities, establishment of hierarchy and definition of work processes. Governance refers to managing and controlling these processes, including planning, organising, leading and controlling. Managers are responsible for making decisions, solving problems, motivating employees and achieving company goals.

Our management chooses structured approaches and processes that are used to manage the organisation successfully and achieve its goals. Systems are applied to establish company policies, procedures and practices in the organisation to achieve efficiency, improve the quality of the hot galvanising service, reduce risks and meet the requirements of relevant standards and regulations. A management system includes planning, implementation, monitoring, and auditing to ensure the desired results are achieved and continuously improve the organisation’s performance.

The company is currently in the process of implementing and introducing the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, as well as in the process of obtaining the German standard DASt 022.